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Songwriter Carola Rost

A pub door, screaming for oil, "In The Pale Moonlight Instrumental",
a short clip of "Slowly Flying", and the screaming door again.

"Die andere Frau", female.

A vocal demo of "In The Pale Moonlight". Auf Deutsch:
"Mondlicht". The English and German lyrics are unisex.

My pseudo Chinese music is an Instrumantal only.

Instrumental von "Karneval", Text deutsch, unisex. An English variation
with a cool intro is available for female and male singers: "If You
Want To Be My Man" and "If You Want To Be My Girl".

Instrumentalversion von "Völker der Welt" und Clip einer Vocal-Version.
dieses Songs. Text: Deutsch, unisex.

An Instrumental of "Misty Sunrise", auf Deutsch "Gestern".
Both, English and German lyrics are unisex.

A background version of "It's No More Important".

Vocal demo of "A Chance To Survive". English, unisex.

Instrumental version of "I Begged The Clouds".
Lyrics: English, unisex.

An instrumental version of "You're The Creature Under My Skin".
Lyrics: English, unisex.

"Völker der Welt". Der Text auf dem Textblatt ist etwas anders.
Deutsch, unisex.

Instrumental version of "In The Pale Moonlight", German
"Mondlicht". Singers: Female and male each.

Cut version of "Space Fantasy", Instrumental.

Vocal demo of "Aborigine". Lyrics: English, German, both Unisex.

"Flying Carpet", experimental version of "Dream", deutsch "Traum".

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