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Songwriter Carola Rost

What is Unlimited Use?

If you perform professionally on weddings or other live events, you can use my songs and compositions without any comments.

If you publish my stuff on the web, youtube, download companies etc. or CDs, just write "cover" or "tribute", that's all. Then you have the publishing rights from me, Carola Rost-Maskawy, alias Carola Rost.

There are GEMA numbers on my sheets and lyrics pages, just ignore them. I'm not a GEMA member anymore. I left the GEMA some years ago.

The P.O.Box address on my sheets and lyrics pages as well as my email address are outdated.

If you want to send me a mail, send it to That works.

I wish you much fun and success!


Ein Mann beim Arzt - Song Page

Ein Mann beim Arzt. The lyrics are on the Song Page. A Sheet doesn't yet exist. Auf der Page "Access to everything" ist eine "Alphabetische Link Liste - Deutsch". Da ist auch eine Text-Page.

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